Do You Enjoy Fishing? Do You Feel Like It Is Time for Something New? Try Muskie Fishing

muskie fishing

Muskellunge, commonly know as muskie, is part of the pike family. Muskies are some of the largest game fish in North America (over three feet long and weighing more than 50 pounds). Muskie fishing is really appreciated by anglers, as muskellunge is a hard-fighting fish, after being caught.

Muskellunge and northern pike

These fish may be easily mistaken for northern pikes by inexperienced fishermen, but this common confusion is understandable, because there are very few differences between the two species: the most important one is the number of sensory spots, more numerous on the body of a muskie (six to eight) than the ones on the body of a northern pike (five or fewer).

Muskellunges are generally light colored, with dark markings on their long bodies.

They are carnivorous. Just like the northern pike, muskies start feeding with plankton and invertebrates. A mature muskie usually eats fish, but also ducklings and even muskrats, frogs or small birds.

Muskie fishing – a pleasant activity

Anglers love fishing for large muskies. The muskie’s reproductive rate is very low. Because of this, fishermen are encouraged to practice ”catch and release” angling.

Muskie fishing may be surprisingly difficult at first. The muskellunge is also known as ”the fish of ten thousand casts”, as it is a real challenge to catch a relatively large one.

They swim pretty fast and strongly shake their head when caught, trying to escape. It is not easy to handle such a tenacious fish.

Angling for muskellunge is never boring. Because of this, muskies are anglers’ favourite game fish.

How to catch muskies in early spring

In early spring, fishing for muskies seems to be almost impossible, as they are not actively feeding. However, you can still be successful if you carefully choose the lake and lures.

First of all, you should take into consideration the fact that muskies are not willing to waste a lot of energy in trying to catch big creatures (at least, not during this particular time of the year). In this respect, small artificial fish are the best choice for your lure.

Also, it is advisable for you to fish in small lakes, because these ones warm up earlier and the fish will be more likely to swim for the bait.

Moreover, you should fish in late mornings or early afternoons, when the water is as warm as possible.

Muskellunge fishing during summer

In June, the water temperature is about mid-sixties. It is the ideal time for muskie fishing! Full sized baits are exactly what you need in order to attract a nice hungry fish.

On very hot days, when water temperature is about seventy, mornings and evenings are the best moments for fishing.

Muskie fishing is very popular in the United States of America. More and more people choose to practice it as a sport, because it is a really interesting way to spend your leisure time.

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